St fractus

According to the cloud atlas, smoke is being classified as a Lithometeor hence the reason behind including it in the clouds gallery. This fire was caused by a residual fuel in the Wasteserve plant in Maghtab. Another panoramic photo of the smoke is included in the first thumbnail. The second thumbnail is the weather sounding at the time from which I will attempt to explain how it spread out like that. As we could notice, the wind in the first 3km of the atmosphere was light and variable explaining how the smoke is more or less evenly distributed in the area which made matters much worse for the spreading of black carbon on land.

It looked like stratus fractus homogenitus because as the hot smoke rose from its place of origin it quickly found a layer in which temperature decreased slowly leading to stability as the smoke cooled when it rose. The light winds explain the structure of the seen smoke and the unfortunate thing that the cloud actually dissipated through black carbon deposition all over the Maltese Islands. Health warnings were issued on the day for people suffering from health problems.

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