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Cb incus


24 Hr Cloud Forecast for Tuesday, 23rd July 2024

Expected Cloud TypesCumulus [Cu] and/or Stratocumulus [Sc] – Few possibly Scattered at first
Possible Cirrus [Ci] – Few
Warnings Nil
Precipitation Very unlikely
Expected Average Total Cloud CoverGenerally below 3/8

Last Update: 22nd July 2024 at 17:25 CEST


Type of Cloud CoverAmount of sky covered
Few1/8 – 2/8
Scattered3/8 – 4/8
Broken5/8 – 7/8


  1. This cloud forecast, a first at least for the Maltese Islands, is different from other weather forecasts because its main purpose is to inform people in advance regarding the type/s of clouds that should be expected on the afforementioned day unless stated otherwise. maltaclouds.net will not be held responsabile in any way for misuse of data. In no way, does this page intend to provide a weather forecast or compete with existing or future weather forecast providers.
  2. maltaclouds.net “Cloud-type forecast” has an accuracy rate of almost 70% translating into a high degree of accuracy in meteorology! The accuracy rate was found by noting the forecasted and actual cloud-type and cover in an excel sheet. The actual cloud data was obtained from MIA and other sources which record cloud observations. Actual cloud data for a particular day since October 2012 could be obtained against a payment of EUR2.50c for each day when such data is available. An interpretation of the cloud forecasting results for the previous rainy seasons can be found by clicking here
  3. An observer might not see all the clouds present in the sky. For example if on a particular day there is both Cirrus and Stratus clouds, the observer would not be able to see the higher level clouds due to obstruction from clouds below that layer. In such cases, the forecast would still be deemed as accurate! As from January 2011, weather watches and warnings are being included in the forecast.
  4. This page is updated at least once daily. For the very latest forecast kindly click on the “Refresh” button of your browser.

Any feedback about this service, whether you find it accurate enough and where I can improve on it will be deeply appreciated!

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