Ac floccus

Individually formed altocumulus clouds having a similar shape to puffs of cotton suspended in the sky. The first thumbnail is a closer view. The second thumbnail is the weather sounding clearly showing their formation at an approximate height of 5.8km in which the prevailing temperature was around -10°C. At such temperature, the cloud was composed of both water droplets and ice crystals as could be observed on both photos showing anvil-like feautures at the top and possibly virga at its base whose precipitation never reached the ground. Such clouds normally indicate mid-level instability and this case was certainly not an exception looking at the positive vorticity at 500mb on the fourth thumbnail. In fact, further bad weather occurred during the afternoon as was explained in this post ‘Dry microburst’. The third thumbnail is the visible satellite imagery indicating that this cloud formation was so widespread that it was observable from space specifically to the SE of Malta.

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