Cb praecipitatio

Formation of cumulonimbus with precipitation shaft due to a very cold outbreak from Russia towards the Central and Eastern Mediterranean. This weather situation led to a huge contrast of more than 20C between the mild Mediterranean waters at 17C and the 850mb Temperature of -6C as depicted by the weather sounding on the third thumbnail. The cold air was the result of a strong Wintry anticyclone which combined with low pressure over Greece directed a strong bora Wind from North Russia towards our Islands. The day saw many precipitation shafts as per first thumbnail and rainbows to form together with ice pellets, a rare form of Wintry precipitation over the Islands. During a cold wave the air at the surface is modified by the warm sea while upper-level air retains its polar origins. The first thumbnail shows various precipitation shafts in black colour due to blocking of light whilst the second thumbnail is a panorama view of cumulus congestus clouds. The fourth and fifth thumbnails are the surface pressure charts and the visible satellite image respectively showing the very tight isobars of the high which directed a deep bora wind and the consequence on the visible satellite image of this very cold air over the much warmer sea creating lake effect clouds and precipitation.

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