Cu humilis

Formation of cumulus humilis clouds due to their flattened apprearance with little vertical extent. What is interesting is that their tops appear to be veiled hence the accessory ‘velum’ has to be added to the cloud species. It is not understood how such cloud tops became veiled because the atmosphere was not especially moist, perhaps the small cumulus clouds caught up with some remnant layered clouds becoming veiled in the process. The first thumbnail offers a closer look on the same cloud. The second thumbnail is a very beautiful cirrus spissatus cumulonimbogenitus clouds taken at sunrise as distant thunderstorms occured in that morning. The third thumbnail being the weather sounding at around 1400hrs when the main photographed clouds were observed, indicated no particular feautures that could explain the cloud formation. The surface pressure chart on the fourth thumbnail indicated a small low pressure system to the north of Tunisia with various solid black lines of bad weather associated with it.

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