Sc floccus

This cloud was very difficult to identify between stratocumulus and altocumulus floccus. Due to the cloud looking just a little above the small cumulus clouds, it was decided to go for stratocumulus since the elements were quite large. The weather situation of the day was an unseasonable large upper-level trough directing a cold airmass (refer to the third thumbnail) towards the Maltese Islands with the 0C line displaced unusually far south for late April. As per weather sounding on the second thumbnail, this cold airmass induced such clouds due to surface instability unrelated with solar heating. This cloud could not be identified as virga for example due to lack of precipitation lines though the first thumbnail photo seems to resemble this. Such clouds could have also been low level altocumulus. This cloud cover was so widespread that it was even visible from space through the satellite imagery on the fourth thumbnail.

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