Sc opacus

An overcast sky mainly composed of stratocumulus stratiformis opacus clouds as a back-door cold front was moving southerly towards the Maltese Islands bringing with it a cold, bora wind outbreak from the Balkans as indicated by the thermal satellite image on the fourth thumbnail. The first thumbnail is another view of the same cloud variety but with its elements clearly standing out and possibly also radiatus marking the boundary of the cold front as the wind was changing direction towards the NE. The second thumbnail is the weather sounding showing that the cloud formation occured below the freezing level hence fully composed of water droplets in altitudes between 580 and 2350 metres. Some wind shear was also present. No cumulonimbus or storms had developed as the air was only slightly unstable and a dry layer above may have also been another inhibiting factor. However, a light rain shower, increase in wind and a drop in temperature were all observed in line with the passage of the cold front of the third thumbnail.

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