Sc floccus

The weather situation of the day is explained in detail here. Isolated cloud patches with cumuliform like small ragged tufts. On the very left hand side of the photo, the virga phenomena is clearly visible by the dark lines underneath the clouds representing falling precipitation not reaching the surface. It is said that these fibrous tails (ice crystal virga) appear when the clouds have formed in a very low temperature environment.

The weather sounding on the second thumbnail refers. The MIN and MAX cloud height of the photographed cloud is indicated at altitudes of between 1km and 2.6km respectively. With a present cold airmass these clouds could have formed in a background temperature of not less than -8C. The exact cloud height is very difficult to deduce without the appropriate weather instruments. The first thumbnail is widespread altocumulus perlucidus clouds which were the very first clouds to be observed on the day and probably formed due to the thermal contrast between a warm sea and the cold airmass above it.

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