Autumnal sunset

Taken at Pace Grasso football field. A very beautiful sunset sky with Paola’s parish church in the background. The weather situation and clouds observed even at that time could be found by clicking here hence the explanation would be expanded further from that. It was very difficult to identify the type of clouds on the photo but they looked like altocumulus floccus due to the following:

  1. a) Seemed to have formed out of rising air bubbles which reached a layer with lower lapse rates hence spreading out possibly becoming cumulonimbogenitus especially when compared against the thumbnail of the provided link.
  2. b) First thumbnail of this page refers. When zoomed into one of those clouds in main picture, one could notice cumuliform tufts in the belly of the cloud which is made visible by the setting sun, perhaps an expert in sunset lightning could tell the approximate height of that cloud hence confirming whether it’s altocumulus or stratocumulus floccus if at altitudes of below 2000 metres.

The weather sounding didn’t help to identify the clouds but the weather on the day was unstable with cumuliform formations and rain showers at times.

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