High-level clouds sunset

High-level clouds at sunset of the type cirrus vertebratus at their most spectecular or the golden hour when the setting sun reflects light on the cloud bases revealing all of their minute characteristics. The first thumbnail is another photo taken deeper at sunset showing entirely black cirrus vertebratus clouds whose structure was still clearly visible against the darkening deep blue sky. Specifically, the ribs or vertebrae form when the air moves parallel to the cloud line which is being lightened up by the sun in this photo with the ribs being visible as condensed cloud droplets in rising air whereas the clear gaps correspond with descending air and therefore the whole cloud structure takes on the shape of a fish skeleton. The second thumbnail is the weather sounding showing high altitude moisture where the clouds formed at between 10.3km and 12.5km above sea level being exactly the jet stream level which took the form of an upper-level ridge with strong winds as shown in the third thumbnail. The visible satellite image showed plenty of cirrus vertebratus clouds around the Maltese Islands.

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