Cc stratiformis

Formation of cirrocumulus clouds at dusk on the eastern side of the sky as a mid-latitude cyclone was working its way towards the Maltese Islands as per SLP chart on the third thumbnail. Most of the cloud seemed to be ‘stratiformis undulatus’ with possible floccus on the foreground as the small cloud elements seemed to be individual. Altostratus clouds may have also been present in this photo. According to the weather sounding on the second thumbnail, high clouds developed at altitudes between 9.5km and 12.6km with the undulatus part of the cloud likely being at the upper-range of that altitude which was overlapped with wind shear hence explains the especially minute cloud elements. Some cumulus humilis clouds had formed in the area due to a relatively steep lapse rate at the surface under still stable weather conditions. The first thumbnail is a panoramic photo taken same day late morning showing cirrus clouds invading the whole sky probably of the species ‘spissatus’ though these did not look especially thick. The late evening of the following day was characterized by near-gale force Mistral wind and sea-effect isolated showers.

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