Ns praecipitatio

Monotonous and featureless cloud cover synoynm with long periods of rain hence nimbostratus. A low pressure area was moving northwards from Northern Africa at the time. However, despite the weather sounding showing very little instability, Malta had experienced severe weather conditions that afternoon which is untypical of such clouds. Kindly refer to (Times of Malta website). A small tornado could have easily formed due to lots of wind shear and a 12-hour forecast for sea-level pressure chart indicated that the Maltese Islands were in the triple point of a low pressure system (According to weatherprediction.net, the triple point is where the occluded front, cold front and warm front all intersect. This intersection point will have a great amount of lifting). The weather sounding, forecasted SLP and actual SLP charts of this day can be found sequentially in these thumbnails.

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