Ns pannus

Formation of nimbostratus praecipitatio pannus following the fourth and final day of bad weather. Very high humidity level was observed throughout the day due to lots of rain in previous days. Large cumulus fractus clouds formed the supplementary pannus feature. These developed due to precipitation-induced humidity and an unstable airmass causing air bubbles to rise forming cumilform clouds and eventually mingling with the nimbostratus above. Kindly note that lack of visibility in the background caused by the very low cloud bases of less than 200 metres combined by falling light rain from Ns following a heavy thunderstorm from cumulonimbus which might as well add the ‘cumulonimbogenitus’ to this cloud. A line of bad weather and instability caused this typical Autumnal weather over our Islands. The visible satellite image indeed shows that the widespread nimbostratus may have been propogated from a V-shaped Cb cloud.

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