Ns praecipitatio

Departing Nimbostratus as the occluded front in association with the low pressure system over Italy had just passed over the Maltese Islands. The cloud band was clearly visible in the satellite image. It seemed to have been slightly cold occluded as the model available on the fourth thumbnail indicated due to slightly cooler temperature just after the occluded front passes and also because of the formation of cumulus clouds afterwards. However, this is very difficult to determine due to complications such as diurnal temperature change. Contradictally, the cloud structure seemed to follow a similar behaviour to that of a warm front. Notice the stratocumulus cloud formation in the background. The weather sounding indicated that the Ns photographed was in the mid-levels of the atmosphere. Light rain was falling at that moment and the sun was of course completely hidden. Click here `Ci spissatus` and here `Cu fractus` to check how this front under investigation progressed.

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