Graupel shower

Unusual graupel shower at Valletta, the capital city of Malta, located on the east of Malta caused by an unusually cold Northerly wind (2nd thumbnail) over the Island. The location is at sea level making this weather phenomena somewhat more unusual. Snow showers were reported over higher ground during this day vide (timesofmalta website). This weather was caused by a highly undulating jet stream which drove cold air directly onto the Islands from the Balkans via a NNW wind. The much shorter sea track than usual did not allow enough time for this cold air to moderate itself before affecting Malta hence the graupel and snow showers on higher ground. Usually cold waves enter the Maltese Islands from the West Mediterranean hence would be already warmed up and moisturized before effecting the Island. The 500mb chart also confirm this. Another video of this phenomena also taken by me can be found here `Graupel shower other video`.

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