Upslope fog

Low stratus clouds (as seen in the picture) and fog (if the observer is inside the cloud) which was caused by a light and very humid Southwesterly wind getting abruptly lifted upwards by the rugged coastline terrain of western Malta in Had Dingli. This terrain rapidly rises to an altitude of around 260 metres. Click on the last thumbnail for a topographical map of Malta. The weather sounding (3rd thumbnail) indicated a very moist airmass at the surface coupled with a very strong radiation inversion which is the most ideal for sea fog formation since cool maritime air would be trapped at the surface by warmer air above. The air then it would have been forced to rise by the steep cliffs. The earth circulation model (2nd thumbnail) at the surface showed a SW wind rapidly gaining moisture upon entering the Mediterranean causing the pictured fog. The first thumbnail shows how this fog appeared from a distance before travelling over to Had Dingli.

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