As translucidus virga

This photo shows an extensive and mostly uniform grey layer of stratiform cloud at mid levels, altostratus with species translucidus because the position of the sun was clearly revealed as if looking through a glass. Closely examining the cloud undeneath the sun, it seems that light precipitation was falling from the cloud making virga an accessory feauture. Analyzing the weather sounding on the second thumbnail, the cloud layer formed at a height of between 5.2km and 6km at a temperature of below -10C hence precipitation was falling as light to moderate snow similar to nimbostratus clouds. The cloud layer was also marked as 100% cloud cover up to 11km from the weather sounding, though it is certain that the cloud was not that thick as otherwise the sun would definitely not be shining through the layer becoming more likely altostratus opacus with virga. The virga is extending little from the cloud deducing that the precipitation was not heavy as said earlier and a very dry layer below it for example just 25% humidity at an altitude of 3km. The airmass was also warm as a warm front developed on the east of Tunisia from a Spring-like low pressure system over Libya as shown in the surface pressure chart of the third thumbnail and the cloud formations blown by a strong warm wind as seen via the visible satellite image on the fourth thumbnail. The first thumbnail shows an evening sky picture full of virga from altocumulus opacus clouds though the setting sun was also visible.

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