Mid-level clouds

Taken 15Jan18. This photo shows 3 types of clouds being altostratus translucidus, altocumulus perlucidus due to irregular gaps and cumulus radiatus in the background. The weather situation was an upper-level trough over Morocco sending a warm conveyor belt towards the Maltese Islands. By comparing the 500mb chart and the visible satellite image on the third and fourth thumbnails respectively, one can notice that the more widespread altostratus clouds was being brought about by the same upper-level trough over Morocco. The first thumbnail shows varying thickness of the widespread altostratus translucidus cloud allowing varying degrees of sunlight to pass through it and the sun’s position clearly revealed as if there was a glass house just underneath the area. The second thumbnail is the weather sounding showing lots of moisture above the altitude of 4km but a stable airmass inhibiting cumuliform cloud formations. In addition, an upper-level warm front was identified providing a gentle lifting of the airmass at that levels for the photographed clouds to form.

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