As translucidus

This photo shows an extensive layer of altostratus translucidus undulatus cloud with virga very similar to mamma when looking at the cloud towards the sun. It was a greyish cloud sheet but the photo was darkened in order to fully bring out all of the cloud feautures. It has developed out of a V-shaped mesoscale convective system, visible satellite image on the second thumbnail, whose cumulonimbus anvil bands reached our Island in the cloud form on photo which is sufficiently translucent as to make the almost setting sun appear as if inside a glass or water. In the background and foreground, there seemed to be some faint and featureless undulations within the cloud cover lining up from south to north in relationship with the upper-level wind earning it a possible undulatus variety. The first thumbnail is the weather sounding showing that the cloud had probably formed at altitudes between 4.3km and 5.7km given away by its virga (there was a dry layer just below it) and the fact there was wind shear hence undulations in the cloud. Stratus clouds and flooded countryside could be observed due to a very humid surface airmass resulting from persistent heavy rain throughout October. The second and third thumbnails are the weather charts showing a V-shaped storm very close to the Maltese Islands associated with a line of bad weather (solid black line). The Islands were not hit by thunderstorms on the day.

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