Cc & Ac virga

Formation of virga on two sets of clouds with the foreground looking more like cirrocumulus virga and the background more like altocumulus virga. Basically, in both cases, the cloud formation mechanism is essentially the same, that is an unstable airmass causes the air to rise hence forming the cloud which then precipitates. In both cases, the precipitation evaporates well before reaching the ground. The only difference between these clouds is their altitude with the cirrocumulus virga being higher up in the atmosphere hence looking smaller than the Ac virga in the background. The first two thumbnails show a wide-view of the clouds with cumulus in the background and zoom on the cumulus congestus cloud respectively. The third thumbnail shows the weather sounding of the day which clearly shows moist air where clouds were forming and much drier air underneath those clouds whilst also cumulus cloud formation due to instability from below as there was a cold pool of air around the Maltese Islands.

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