Cc str undulatus

This patch of cirrocumulus clouds classified as Cc stratiformis undulatus by the WMO, was spotted over Valletta, following altocumulus. The photographed cloud was characterized by very small cloud droplets without shading which was noticed to have condensed at an altitude of above 7.3km with instability as per weather sounding in the second thumbnail. At the surface, heatwave conditions were observed as a North African anticyclone was pushed eastwards by a strong jet stream producing an upper-level trough over Western Europe as per 500mb chart in the third thumbnail. The low-level clear skies enabled these clouds to be observed as per visible satellite image on the fourth thumbnail. The first thumbnail is another photo showing a close up of this cloud arrangements whose species is stratiformis due to its extensive layers and small grain features and the water-like ripples identifies it with the undulatus variety.

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