Cc lacunosus

Formation of thin cirrocumulus clouds which were barely visible in the sky due to lack of shading in the cloud and only clearly visible in the photo through contrasting. The first thumbnail is a zoomed-in photo of the same cloud indicating its species as lacunosus due to the round frayed holes with honeycomb-like feautures. Beneath the high clouds, there were typical cumulus fractus clouds with rapidly changing contours. The second thumbnail is the weather sounding showing that the described high cloud might have been related with a relatively strong jet stream at high altitudes. Unfortunately, the approximate cloud height could not be determined. The third and fourth thumbnails depict the visible satellite image and the surface pressure chart respectively. Upon analysing both, I could safely state that the photographed cloud had formed ahead of a cold (and weakening) occluded front that was about to pass over the Maltese Islands on the following day whereby nimbostratus from altocumulus clouds, Ns altocumulomutatus, were observed as per fifth thumbnail.

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