Cc virga

Formation of cirrocumulus with falling drop-stirs as a polar maritime airmass was about to enter the Mediterranean and eventually the Maltese Islands from the Rhone Valley. Such high clouds usually forewarn the approach of a bad weather system, in this case a low pressure that was about to develop over the Mediterranean once the polar maritime airmass entered the area. From the weather sounding in the first thumnbnail, it was confirmed that these clouds had a base of not less than 7km which definitely fall under the cirriform category and from the photo itself, the cirrus-like features give them away as such clouds rather than altocumulus virga. Of course, their precipitation never reached the ground due to great height of drier airmasses underneath it. The second thumbnail shows the surface pressure chart of an occluded front that passed over our area whilst the third and fourth thumbnails show an upper-level low that was about to drop towards the Central Mediterranean and the visible satellite image showing the initiating of Mistral clouds over the Rhone Valley combined with high clouds to Malta`s south which were visible from our Island earlier on.

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