Cc virga

Formation of thick cirrocumulus clouds ahead of a Sirocco wind. The relatively cold air left over at ground-level from previous weather features seemed to have forced the upper-level SW wind to rise upwards at high altitude forming such clouds. Cloud undulations were not observed due to lack of a strong jet stream. In fact, the surface pressure chart on the second thumbnail indicated that a warm front was passing in our vicinity. The Sirocco weather was caused by low pressure that formed towards our west contrasting with strong high pressure over Scandinavia which high formed unusually early in Autumn. This cloud was confirmed to be cirrocumulus virga both from the weather sounding on the third thumbnail which indicated cloud base at an altitude of around 5.7km and if one takes a closer look at the photo, the background cirrus clouds are at approximately the same level of the cirrocumulus. Precipitation streaks were also noticed underneath the cloud and these evaporated due to compression heat and much drier air underneath the clouds. The first thumbnail show high-level clouds at sunrise of the same day. Such clouds could be very beautiful with sun rays shining underneath them giving them the yellow coloration and exposing every feature.

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