Ac floccus

Formation of a ragged cumuliform cloud at mid-levels indicating instability over the area. The first thumbnail shows another cloud of exactly the same species and sub-species but with tendrils underneath it known as Ac floccus virga. It looks like rain was falling underneath it rather than snow due to their very fine lines. The second thumbnail shows a wide view of the sky with various sub-species of altocumulus present and also cumulus congestus clouds. This thaught was confirmed by the weather sounding in the third thumbnail that suggests the cloud level was only about 1.1km making it a low-level altocumulus underneath the freezing level. The fourth thumbnail is the visible satellite image which shows a mundane swirling mass of clouds in the vicinity of the Maltese Islands meaning an indication of a compact seperate system which could not be indentified form the weather charts. The wind on the day was from a SW direction.

For cumulus clouds that developed in the day kindly click here.

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