Cu congestus

A large upper-level trough brought about instability over a large area causing the formation of cumuliform clouds. Because of its large extent, the trough failed to create a concentrated area of strong lifting whereby strong thunderstorms could have developed. Therefore, these cumuliform clouds did NOT develop into fully-grown CBs over land due to the absence of strong synoptic (small) scale forcing and maybe also due to lack of strong insolation because of mid-level cloud cover. This mid-level cloud (mostly Altostratus[As]) was mainly from nearby Cbs developing over the sea due to rather much better conditions for their formation being lower temperatures at mid-levels overspreading the high SST thus increasing the lapse rates and moisture content. These CBs dissipated very slowly after breaking up because of a very moist environment brought about by Easterly winds. Kindly refer to the attached thumbnails. The first thumbnail also shows the formation of `Cumulus radiatus` formed by the same process.

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