Cu radiatus

Formation of cumulus radiatus due to a common convergence zone underneath the cumulonimbus clouds that was thundering. A waterspout was also observed by local weather watchers near Ghajnsielem in Gozo despite having little wind shear. The cause for the day`s cloud formations was the pulling up of a moist SSE wind due to an upper-level low which was located in Algeria (check the 500mb height in 5th thumbnail) and which corresponds exactly with how the clouds have formed within this upper-level low as indicated by the visible satellite image of the fourth thumbnail. Despite the weather models predicting heavy rain in all over the area, the clouds in general had been mundane and with the only storms forming in convergence areas. The first thumbnail shows a closer look of this cloud formation and notice also the bulges in the right-hand bottom side of the cloud which was quite unusual for such sub-species. The second thumbnail show the weather sounding indicating a hugely moist air profile but with relatively weak lapse rate and CAPE value (this is an instability measurement among others) and the third thumbnail shows the heavy rainfall that was falling offshore to the east from which position this photo was taken.

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