Cu congestus

Very beautiful cloud photos. This photo is actually composed of many cumulus congestus clouds, again an indication of widespread instability, being depicted by the surface pressure chart showing various lines of bad weather on the eastern side of malta. This cumulus cloud photo is different from the one on the first thumbnail. The first one is showing many cloud bases of many cumulus clouds from which the rest of the cloud is being hidden by the large cumulus on the foreground. Actually all the clouds are like the one on the foreground. On the other hand, the photo shown on the first thumbnail depicts a different sub-species of cumulus being `Cu radiatus`. This sub-species is actually ONE WHOLE CLOUD radiatus which is enlongated (hence NOT fragmented) at its base a relatively wide parcel of air which is rising upwards and NOT many bubbles of air rising which caused the clouds in this photo. The second thumbnail shows that rain showers were falling from underneath the cumulus congestus clouds in Wied iz-Zurrieq (situated on the SW side of Malta). In fact, the weather radar and visible satellite images indicated rainfall and clouds on the western side of malta moving southsouthwestwards. The weather situation is explained here.

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