Cu congestus

Beautiful formation of an isolated cumulus cloud. Its cloud rays impinged a cloud shadow on another stratocumulus cloud just above it. The first thumbnail photo shows the formation of what looks like a scud cloud (Scattered Cumulus under Deck) due to a very isolated thunderstorm in the area generating downdrafts on the newly approaching cumulus cloud. The weather situation on the day was that a North African anticyclone developing over the Western Mediterranean allowed an upper-level trough to dig southwestwards towards Tunisia. This is again shown by a solid black line on the surface weather map. The second thumbnail shows very isolated heavy rain shower from which thunder was actually heard. The weather sounding indicated an unstable airmass but very little wind shear as winds from all levels of the atmosphere were from an eastnortheasterly direction. Despite the cloud cover, no waterspouts were observed on this day.

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