Cu tuba

Formation of an early morning non-tornadic funnel cloud because of an upper-level trough. This caused instability over Malta and this funnel cloud seems to have developed as a result of this thermal contrast rather than wind shear as very little wind shear was indicated in the model. Another possible reason might be due to light-moderate local wind produced after an isolated thunderstorm moved over the southern part of malta causing this cumulus cloud to build from the parent thunderstorm and forming a funnel due to rapid wind veering which could not be picked up by the weather sounding. When queried, a local weather organization replied that `yes small funnel clouds DO normally form when there is no shear in fact`. The first thumbnail shows another view of the funnel cloud when it began to decay while the second one indicates the cloud at the beginning of this phenomena that had produced this funnel. The third thumbnail shows the weather sounding indicating little wind shear (if any) but thermal contrast and the fourth one shows the upper-level trough over the area.

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