Cu mediocris

Formation of cumulus mediocris praecipitatio clouds as the occluded front of the Mediterranean cyclone explained here was approaching the Maltese Islands from the west along with the cyclone’s eastward progression. This brings out the fact that similar to mid-latitude cyclones, bad weather is found in bands within a Mediterranean cyclone mainly in the centre and within its associated frontal systems which is different from a Medicane. The winds are also dispaced off-centre from the system as depicted by the wind field on the sixth thumbnail. Elsewhere in the cyclone, the weather could be surprisingly beautiful despite the low pressure values as depicted by the visible satellite image on the fourth thumbnail before the band of clouds approached Malta. The first thumbnail taken several minutes earlier shows a high-level cloud band composed of cirrus spissatus indicating a frontal zone at the upper-levels whilst the second thumbnail shows virga and mamma cloud feautures at dusk being blown by the gale force NW wind at the time. The third thumbnail shows the weather sounding of the day indicating a rather dry polar maritime airmass.

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