Cb incus

Formation of distant cumulonimbus capillatus incus velum cloud under a slightly unstable airmass which was flattening out as it reached the stable level at an altitude of 8.4km. The most prominent feauture is the velum accessory which extends throughout the cloud and a cloud blob which pierced through the velum cloud cover. The weather sounding on the third thumbnail indicated mid-level wind shear and ‘Thermals’ which enabled rising air to profit from the meagre instability to form these clouds in a closed upper-level low system as indicated by the jet stream chart on the fourth thumbnail. The first thumbnail shows local cumulus congestus radiatus clouds which formed locally over Malta due to strong daytime heating with cloud bubbles rising from a long common base that was parallel to the wind direction and seemed to converge from one horizon to another. The first thumbnail cloud formation was even visible from space through the visible satellite image on the second thumbnail. This satellite image also shows huge cumulonimbus clouds over Sicily area which were visible in Malta as per main photo being all the result of a cut-off low.

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