Cb mammatus

A rare form of cumulonimbus mammatus, most probably formed in such a way due to sudden air turbulence over the area from a back-building thunderstorm (this is explained in the next photo that was taken earlier). This air turbulence was caused by a cold Northerly flow from the approaching storm`s outflow (downdraft) and warm, moist air from the prevailing SE wind. This meant that temperature dropped suddenly from +23C to +16C within few minutes. At a time, while this thunderstorm was still over Gozo and moving Southeastwards towards Malta, Gozo reported a temperature of +16C with a Northerly wind whilst southern Malta was still +23C with a SE wind. This within a space of just around 30km. The first thumbnail is a rainbow photo that shows that every cloud (in this case thunderstorm) has a silver lining.

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