Cb capillatus

Formation of vertical cloud extension with clear cirrus-like features at the top properly cumulonimbus capillatus praecipitatio because of a heavy shower falling underneath it. Heavy showers on this day were mostly in the Malta Channel because the small cold drop was located over Sicily. The first thumbnail shows a closer view of the cloud with a heavy shower clearly seen on the left hand side of the background. The third thumbnail shows the weather sounding at the time being clearly unstable through the air was relatively dry hence the relative lack of cloud cover. The fourth thumbnail clearly shows a very small cold pool of air over Catania which led to a very small low pressure system hence clouds circulating around this very small low pressure system. In Autumn such small cold pool of air normally triggers severe thunderstorms with heavy rainfall but due to Spring conditions, this only led to relatively meager and few cumulonimbus clouds. Having said this, over land, the day was characterized by mostly cumulus mediocris clouds as shown in the second thumbnail because the airmass was not that much unstable over mainland Malta due to its cold centre being slightly father north from the area.

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