Cb capillatus

Formation of cumulonimbus capillatus incus which was easily identified through its fibrous hairy structure at its top along with its developing spreading on the right hand side of the photo. The first thumbnail shows another cumulonimbus cloud formation taken on the same evening whilst the second thumbnail shows a cumulus congestus cloud. The third thumbnail shows the weather sounding indicating an unstable profile with ‘Thermal’ from the ground and warm sea surface being enough to overtake the convective inhibition of the airmass. The instability itself was trigerred by an upper-level cooler airmass that descaended towards the Central Mediterranean directed by a North African anticyclone that gripped Western Europe as shown in the fourth thumbnail. The photographed clouds produced heavy thunderstorms over the north of Malta and Gozo with unofficial 30mm of rain being recorded in areas. However, no severe weather phenomena was observed becuase of light winds at all atmospheric levels. The fifth thumbnail shows a satellite image of a thunderstorm on land over the Maltese Islands on the same evening.

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