Cb capillatus

Formation of cumulonimbus capillatus incus cloud over the SE tip of Sicily as seen from over the Maltese Islands. The first thumbnail depicts local cumulus fractus clouds with the same cumulonimbus in the background. As evident by the third thumbnail, this cloud was a very local thunderstorm over Sicily due to the huge landmass involved in raising the air parcel above the level of free convection which was at 2.4km altitude. The second thumbnail of the weather sounding depicts this. Over the Maltese Islands, in such a scenario, cumulonimbus cloud is difficult to form due to the smallness of the Island to push the hot air enough above the LFC level. However, this is not an automatic process of landmass heating as the upper-level pressure, depicted in the fourth thubnail has to be right for the clouds to form, in this case there was a dip in the jet stream with an upper-level cold pool of air extending towards Maltese Islands.

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