Cb mammatus

Almost the same weather situation as previous day but with less air turbulence due to day timing. However, this time the thunderstorm seems to have been caused by a squall line that moved over the Maltese Islands from the SW. This brought heavy rainfall to the SW of Malta. The first thumbnail on the right hand side shows the more common form of mammatus clouds. The SLP chart showing the squall line can be seen in the fifth thumbnail. The second thumbnail shows altocumulus or stratocumulus undulatus clouds which formed after the photographed Cb clouds as a squall line was passing over the Maltese Islands. These clouds may have been propagated from cumulonimbus. Being a maritime storm, it seems to have weakened upon moving over land though Western Malta registered heavy rains as can be seem in the radar image. The storms of those past 3 days may have been initiated by the warmer than average sea temperature of around 20C.

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