Cb incus

Formation of cumulonimbus capillatus incus cloud, probably in a decaying stage, as the anvil part of the cloud (that is the cirriform) is becoming the dominant feauture whilst the cumuliform parts were in decline. It passed over the area and produced a sharp shower. The first thumbnail shows that weather conditions were ripe for cumuliform clouds formation as the very edges of a cold airmass penetrated the Central Mediterranean leading to some contrast with the sea temperature or probably the clouds were observed due to sharp contrast between the very frigid airmass over the North of the Mediterranean and much less cold elsewhere but of course non-severe due to seasonably cool sea and little wind shear. A cold front was about to pass over the Islands as shown in the surface pressure chart on the third thumbnail whilst the weather sounding on the second thumbnail showed a relatively unstable and rather dry airmass allowing for well seperated cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds. The 500 mb chart on the fourth thumbnail showed the very edges of a large upper-level trough extending towards Sicily whilst the satellite image on the fifth thumbnail show small clusters of mistral cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds forming over the waters in the coastal areas of Sicily as the land remained generally dry on this day despite the strong late Winter sunshine.

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