Cb capillatus

Cumulonimbus cloud that developed locally over mainland Malta producing a very localized thundery shower, Luqa recorded 26mm of rain. Morning’s mundane cumulus clouds just grew and grew due to the very still air to form this cloud. A small scud cloud or cumulus under deck seemed to have developed under the base of the cloud. Looking at its upper section, the cloud consisted of hairy streaks but not yet achieved the anvil to apply ‘incus’ to its variety possibly becuase the air was very light at all levels of the atmosphere. The first thumbnail shows the previous day’s cumulus clouds that formed ahead of the approaching upper-level trough. The second thumbnail is the weather sounding showing a rather steep lapse rate in the lowest levels of the atmosphere hence the convective inhibition was easily overcome by the strong August sunshine and surrounding warm sea of 28C but little wind shear to form a severe thunderstorm. The third thumbnail shows instability over the Maltese Islands through red colours, representing positive vorticity hence a rising airmass, in the 500mb chart. The fourth thumbnail is the visible satellite imagery showing the localized nature of the clouds over the land masses of Sicily and Malta whilst the fifth thumbnail shows the surface wind field at the time indicating a very light prevailing WNW wind overcome by the sea breezes.

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