Cb incus

A beautiful scene of at least 5 small cumulonimbus clouds all having an anvil and moving towards Filfla (an uninhabited islet 5km south of Malta). Such scenario is perhaps not that rare but most often than not this phenomena goes unnoticed by the general public. Notice how these single-cell clouds have stopped growing at the same height upon reaching a stable layer which was found to be at an altitude of around 7km in the weather sounding. These clouds have developed after the passage of a cold front within the low pressure system moving over the Central Mediterranean and being guided by a strong polar jet stream. Of course, instability occurs due to the movement of cold air over the relatively warm Mediterranean Sea which was warmer than usual hence the air perhaps became somewhat more unstable than usual as previous days` cloud formations have showed. This contrast is indicated as `Thermal` in the weather sounding. Also isolated hail storms have occured on the day due to moist air at the first 7km of the atmosphere being very conductive for hail development, indicated as `Ice` in the weather sounding. The mentioned weather charts are shown below while another shot of these clouds early on the day are shown with the ‘Cu Congestus’ photo (4th thumbnail) below.

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