Cb calvus

Multi-cell thunderstorm clouds due to the arrival of a Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) in retrogade movement from the Ionian Sea. The tail end of the storm was expected over Malta but due to the very warm sea, it intensified again very rapidly causing heavy rainfall and a tornado in Valletta. Dust was picked within this tornado due to dry conditions after typical Summer drought. The MCS was developed due to a cut-off low over the Central Mediterranean with a large upper level cold pool causing convective thermal forcing of the underlying warm humid air fuelled by unusually warm seas. The weather sounding had also indicated very steep lapse rate of around 9C per km. Such type of storms are rare in Malta at the beginning of August. The storm event was reported through these links: [meteoweb] [timesofmalta]. The end stage of these thunderstorm cells resulted in the formation of very spectacular mammatus clouds. For further information click here.

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