Cb capillatus

Formation of cumulonimbus cloud with an upper section consisting of a disorderly mass of hair in the cirriform feature forming part of a line of cumuliform clouds approaching from the west as a result of a line of bad weather as indicated in the SLP chart on the fourth thumbnail in combination with the rain radar on the yth thumbnail. The Maltese Islands were under the influence of an upper-level trough. The first thumbnail is a photo shot looking towards the north of other cumulonimbus clouds present at the time with the one on the left showing a very clear anvil hence also obtaining the incus supplementary feature which means that the rising air colomn had fully reached the stable layer of the atmosphere with the cloud continuing its growth horizontally. According to the weather sounding on the third thumbnail, there was no wind shear with pretty much an unstable airmass throughout the air colomn with cumulonimbus cloud formation starting at 700 metres above sea-level until reaching the stable layer at 7900 metres, that is the cloud had the potential to be 7km thick. A faint rainbow was noticed at the base of the cloud indicating with certainty that rain was falling underneath it. The second thumbnail is a photo of high-level clouds that formed in the evening of the previous day indicating the approach of yet another mid-latitude low pressure system.

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