Cb calvus

There are 2 interesting feautures in this beautiful cloud photo. The first one is a cloud bubble which is piercing through the mid-level cloud cover under unstable conditions and the second even more beautiful feature is the scud clouds underneath the developing cumulus clouds. Although a waterspout was allegedly reported in Xghajra by maltaweathersite, a local weather organisation, scud clouds are fundamentally different. Scuds form when a thunderstorm updraft lifts relatively warm, moist air from its surroundings. This air cools down as it rises hence forming this scud. This argument is strengthened after viewing a weather sounding which showed little wind shear and not much instability. However, conditions for over-shooting cumulonimbus were ideal as the air was unstable throughout the whole of the atmosphere. The first thumbnail also shows what seems like a pileus cloud as the quickly rising air condenses moisture from its surrounding. A surface low pressure system centred around the Maltese Islands was present together with a cold air pool at 500mb over a warm sea producing the ideal conditions for vertical cloud formations. The second thumbnail shows a beautiful double rainbow indicating that the cloud cells developed were isolated and well-broken from each other.

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