Cb incus

Formation of a localized summer thunderstorm over the south-eastern tip of Sicily as seen over Malta. This is a rather common occurrence during the Summer months (June-August) whereby the prevailing Northwesterly wind encounters sea breezes coming from the SE due to the heating of land during the day leading to local convergence and therefore cumulonimbus cloud formation when instability due to a baric gap or cooler air aloft is present over the area. The weather situation of the day is further explained here. The first thumbnail shows the same cloud but over a wider angle. The current observations over Malta during this phase of the Sicilian storm indicated warm and dry air as indicated in the second thumbnail. The third thumbnail shows the live satellite storms over Sicily. The fourth thumbnail indicate a localized eddy of low pressure system, due to counter-clockwise surface wind circulation, over southern Sicily which was the main cause of the afternoon thunderstorm clouds and which later moved southeastwards to effect the eastern side of Malta in a background of a vast surface high pressure system (5th thumbnail).

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